Alan Sheldon for Wyoming house district 9

Why I'm Running

I am running because I don't like the way Landon Brown has been voting since taking office in 2017. I believe that the majority of our district is Conservative and our current Representative has voted with the Democrats 84% of the time on critical issues*. In the 2022 Budget Session, only one Republican Representative was more Liberal*. Someone needs to stand up for Conservatives in Wyoming House District 9 and I would be honored if you would vote for me on August 16th 2022.


If elected, I will:

  • Vote in a Fiscally Conservative manner

  • Vote to protect Life and Liberty

  • Vote to improve Government Accountability

  • Vote to keep Special Interests out of Schools

  • Vote to get Government of the way of Business and allow the Free Market to work

My Stance on The Issues


I am solidly Pro-Life and believe that life begins at conception. I believe that abortion should be prohibited at all stages unless the mother’s life is in imminent danger.



I believe that students should learn traditional American values and that parents should have a say in what their children are learning in our public schools. I oppose Common Core, Wit and Wisdom Curriculum, CRT and any of its derivatives such as Critical Race Applied Theories, LGBTQA+ theory, as well as sex education in grades K-7. I also believe that parents should have the ability to opt out of sex education training for children between 8th and 12th grade if they so desire. I support Homeschooling, School Vouchers, Education Savings Accounts, and believe that this money should be available to parents without strings attached.



The American healthcare system needs a major overhaul. We are currently stuck in a system that straddles the line between single payer and private health insurance. We get all of the negatives (high costs, poor choices) and none of the positives. I oppose MEDICAID and MEDICARE expansion in the state, and if elected, I will work towards the goal of reducing government regulations that stifle innovation and create barriers to competition.


Government Spending

I believe in limited government and fiscal responsibility. I oppose Corporate Welfare spending and believe that the government should live within its means and should save for a rainy day, just like we do.



I oppose all unnecessary taxation. I generally support sales taxes over property or use taxes and would be open to the idea of eliminating all property and other use taxes in favor of a single larger, but ultimately less burdensome uniform sales tax. I believe this would be more equitable while protecting property rights by ensuring that the state cannot tax away your property. When you own something, you should own it. With property and use taxes a person essentially rents their property from the city, county, or State because failure to pay could result in loss of the property or other onerous fines. One of the steps I would take immediately if elected would be to sponsor a bill to change the way property taxes are assessed so that the assessed value is calculated off of the purchase price. Right now people all over the State are seeing their tax bills increase significantly due to the rise of property values in their neighborhoods. I want to address this issue in a way that is equitable to all home owners. I would also work to remove or reduce ad valorum taxes on business assets that are not intended for sale or rent to customers. Right now businesses pay an annual tax on the assessed value of property that are used to conduct business. Not only is this a form of double taxation (sales tax was already paid when the product was initially purchased) but the tax creates a barrier to business expansion since the cost of acquisition and the additional taxes must be factored into the ROI equation.


Gun Rights

My understanding of the Second Amendment is simple, the right to keep and bear arms shall NOT be infringed, period! For too long, leftists and moderates (running as Republicans) have sold out our rights in the name of compromise. We give an inch and the anti-gunners take a mile. Updating the recently passed Second Amendment Protection Act (SF0102) with an enforcement mechanism will be a priority of mine. We cannot rely on the state Attorney General to hold departments accountable for violations of a citizen’s 2A rights. Citizens should be able to sue officers and departments directly when a violation occurs.



I completely support free speech and oppose all attempts to compel speech. I do not believe in the concept of hate speech, or that speech can be violence. Cheyenne recently passed laws that effectively limit free speech by creating vague avenues for enforcement in the name of preventing discrimination. I oppose this legislation and will push bills to secure our right to free speech at the State level.



I believe that marriage is between a biological man and a biological woman.


State’s Rights

I support Wyoming’s rights under the 10th Amendment and believe that all powers not specifically assigned to the Federal Government fall to the States and to the people. The Federal Government has exploited the elastic clauses, the Interstate Commerce Clause, and vague court rulings for too long. It is our responsibility to take back the authority that the architects of this country intended for States and the people to have.


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*Statements based on an analysis of data from Evidence Based Wyoming for the 2017 through 2022 Legislative Sessions comparing the incumbent with the average elected WY Democrat. 84% is the median value of 6 Legislative Sessions. Rep Obermueller voted in line with the average Democrat just 0.53% more often than Rep Brown in the 2022 Budget Session (89.02% vs 88.55%).